High resolution medical screens and monitors for expert medical imagery

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Bates Health offer a wide range of comprehensive medical screen and display products for medical imaging

Our medical screens and displays are suitable for a wide range of medical imaging applications in radiology, mammography, surgery & operating room modalities, along with DICOM compliant surgery & operating room and mobile point-of-care devices Medical screens and displays.

Features Benefits
Proven quality Long-term confidence at exceptional value
High resolution, luminance and greyscale Outstanding image quality and high efficiency for physicians
comprehensive product line One-stop purchase and versatile solutions for demand
Ins-guard® System: Auto-calibration to DICOM Manual-free, real-time calibration to DICOM
External DC power adaptor Stable image and easy to change power adaptor
Metal frame Heat Dispersion and electromagnetic sheild
3-year warranty worry free diagnostics

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Medical Grade Resolution

Consumer grade displays offer limited resolution that is not optimised for medical imaging. Medical grade displays provide more options ranging from
1024 x 1280 (1 megapixel) to 4098 x 2560 (10 megapixel). High resolution allows the physicians to see much more detail without panning or zooming the images. Therefore, higher image quality improves efficiency substantially.

Medical screens and display


Consumer grade displays typically offer a maximum luminance of 250-300 cd/m2 where as medical displays could reach more than 1000 cd/m2. In accordance with DICOM 3.14, a larger luminance range exhibits a broader spectrum of grey scales discerned by the human eye (also known as just noticeable difference or JND’s) as a result subtle lesions could be spotted more easily on a medical display.

Medical sreen and Display resolution


The number of available grey shades on most most is limited to 256 (8 bit). It fails to entirely satisfy the requirements for medical displays and therefore ,medical image diagnosis encounters a bottle neck. Medical displays have a much wider range of shades, rendering complete Greyscale defined by DICOM. Jusha greyscale display, or example, offers unto 4096 shades of grey (12 bit). Such an Extensive range is required to be compliant with the guidelines of AAPM and EUREF.

Bates Health medical Displays

DICOM Calibration

the luminance response function of consumer display is unsuitable for viewing medical images. DICOM 3.14 Standard proposes a superior response function for this purpose. The luminance response function is calibrated on the display by means of an optical measuring device. In order to deliver valid information for medical diagnostics, image consistency should be guaranteed on any display and at anytime.

Bates Health medical screens

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