Health Care Air Disinfection and Air Purification Systems Technology

Aerobitox air disinfection & air purification systems use UV disinfection technology to fight disease & bacteria in hospitals, clinics & medical centres.

The unit disinfects 450 cubic feet per minute of air, 
circulating and sterilizing the air of a typical 20 x 20 
operating room every 8 minutes.

It draws contaminated air from the base of unit and 
expels cleaned high volume, low velocity air from the 
top of the unit creating a continuous circulation 
without disruptive air currents.

What are the Benefits of the
Aerobitox T1 Air Disinfection System

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Safety and Convenience

All Aerobiotix T1 UV components are internal, so there is no exposure of room occupants to UV irradiation, no door or window masking required, and the device can be relocated as required to areas of need. It is intended to be used continuously in occupied or unoccupied rooms, so it does not disrupt schedules or require special planning.

Aerobiotix utilises 3D-UV state of the art air germicidal technology

3D-UV (TM) is a proprietary technology which combines the germicidal properties of UVC irradiation with a unique solid, UV-transmissible alter media to capture suspended organisms and bioaerosols while concentrating exposure to UVC irradiation. This system delivers greater inactivation efficiencies across a broad spectrum of pathogens and at higher air rows than prior technologies. As confirmed by independent laboratory studies, the Aerobiotix T1 inactivates100% of viruses, 99.97% of bacteria, and 99.91% of spores in a single pass through the unit.

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