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Bates Group provides Invisa-Beam Monitoring Systems, Waterproof Keyboard Systems, Fixed and Mobile Telephony.


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A broader range of services, capabilities and solutions in facilities maintenance

Evolve and succeed

The Combination of Paddon FM and Bates FMC offers clients a broader range of services, capabilities and solutions covering the enhancement of core services in building services, construction and refurbishment, property maintenance, mechanical & electrical and facilities...

Air disinfection & air purification systems

High resolution medical screens and monitors for expert medical imagery

Bates Health offer a wide range of comprehensive medical screen and display products for medical imaging

Our medical screens and displays are suitable for a wide range of medical imaging applications in radiology, mammography, surgery & operating room modalities, along with DICOM...

Health Care Air Disinfection and Air Purification Systems Technology

Aerobitox air disinfection & air purification systems use UV disinfection technology to fight disease & bacteria in hospitals, clinics & medical centres.

The unit disinfects 450 cubic feet per minute of air, 
circulating and sterilizing the air of a typical...

UV medical disinfection


Hard Surface UV Hospital Disinfection System from Surfacide

Hospital staff can easily operate, monitor and validate hospital and medical disinfection with the Surfacide UV disinfections system. Our innovative design provides safe and effective medical disinfection in less time. Surfacide® has changed the way UV disinfection technology is used...

Medical Keyboards

Medical Grade™, Hygienic, Cleanable, Industrial & Education Keyboards and Mouse

Man & Machine Keyboard Systems
Whether your challenge is dirt or durability, blood or bacteria, coffee or coughing, Man & Machine’s liquid resistant, 100% latex-free, rugged, silicone base keyboards and mouse are engineered to withstand environmental hazards in all workplace...

Bates Invisa-beam bed monitor Products

Invisa-Beam Infrared Patient Movement Detector

Monitoring Systems for Falls Prevention
Invisa-Beam uses innovative, infrared technology to detect a patient’s movement. If they attempt to leave the bed or chair unaided a carer can be immediately informed via the nurse-call system or its own remote alarm/ pager system. Suitable for both...