A Cost Effective UV Hospital Disinfection System

This room disinfection solution also includes a validation component using a proprietary laser mapping technology. This results in a more intense level of energy being delivered to every surface, in less time. The Surfacide Helios disinfection system can treat an entire hospital room through its three towers typically in less than 20 minutes. Using this UV medical disinfection system after a patient has gone home will also help to ensure that the room is safer for the next patient. The application of Surfacides medical UV disinfection technology ensures that patient care areas are as microbe-free as possible.

Medical & Hospital Hard Surface Disinfection Systems:

  • Eliminates shadows in patient environments
  • Reduces proximity to every touch surface
  • Cuts medical disinfection time
  • Allows concentrated UV hospital disinfection of specific areas
  • Eradicates multi-drug resistant organisms including C.Duff, MRSA, VRE and Acinetobacter
  • The Surfacide Helios disinfection system has been used to help fight Ebola in Sierra Leone

With new and innovative products showcased, such as the Helios UV Hospital Disinfection system, Bates Health deliver effective solutions in the fight against hospital disinfection. Our wealth of healthcare experience coupled with our ongoing development of skill sets and knowledge base makes us the preferred partner for the NHS client that requires a reliable solutions provider and maintainer.

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