Surfacide UV hospital disinfection systems effectively overcome the challenges of medical & hospital disinfection.

It is well established in infection prevention practice that hard surfaces in hospital rooms are continually contaminated by infectious pathogens. The sources of these dangerous pathogens range from people who enter the room with contaminated hands and compromised clothing, from contaminated instruments and items that are brought in and out of the room like personal and enterprise issued mobile devices, and from the patient themselves. UV Hospital disinfection systems using hard surface UV light energy, effectively help combat these infectious bacteria.

Why the Helios UV medical disinfection system works

The Surfacide Helios UV disinfection system uses ultra-violet (UV) light energy, but unlike the single UV disinfenction system emitter method used in other disinfection systems of this type, the Surfacide Helios disinfection system incorporates three separate emitters. This overcomes major challenges when UV hospital disinfection is paramount, with distance to surface, dose delivery and surfaces missed due to shadows when using a single emitter. Allowing a larger space to be treated during the same medical disinfection cycle and substantially reduces the problem of shadowed areas.

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