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Invisa-Beam Infrared Patient Movement Detector

Monitoring Systems for Falls Prevention
Invisa-Beam uses innovative, infrared technology to detect a patient’s movement. If they attempt to leave the bed or chair unaided a carer can be immediately informed via the nurse-call system or its own remote alarm/ pager system. Suitable for both non-restraint and bedrail applications.

Bates Invisa-beam bed monitor Products

Dual Beam Bed Monitoring System
The Invisa-beam dual beam monitoring system offers effective, early warning to care givers. It continuously monitors above and along the bed rail allowing the prevention of falls from vulnerable patients.

  • Aids for Falls Prevention from beds
  • Alerts the nurse at the earliest stage, when the patient attempts to leave bed.
  • Patient Security
  • Alerts the staff of any unauthorised entry to the bed
  • Wall mounted
  • Monitors both sides of the bed with precise invisible beams
  • Total wireless operation
  • Bed free of equipment and cables
  • No switches
  • Hands-free – a bonus for infection control
  • Monitor alarm cancels when the nurse enters the field of the bed
  • Monitor alarm automatically resets when the nurse leaves the bed
  • Activity at the bedside recorded – a management tool

Bates Invisa-beam products

Chair Monitoring System
The Invisa-beam chair monitoring system constantly monitors patient/resident and is battery powered and completely portable with no loose cables or wires. It connects wirelessly to the alarm system so can even be used out doors. Simply locate the Invisa-beam chair monitor in front of a chair or a door. To be used with remote alarm, align the sensor in front of the chair or across a doorway.

  • Listed Medical Device ARTG Number 173590
  • Conforms to Standards AS/NZS 3200.1 and IEC 60601.1
  • Battery Operated
  • Portable
  • Wireless Communication
  • No Cables
  • No restraints
  • No visible lights
  • Safe to use – low voltage operation

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