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Bates Group Services

Bates Group Services

Bates Group delivers a wide variety of projects across the UK. Click on the tabs below to see our service disciplines.

Bates Group
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Bates Group Services works autonomously whilst benefiting from a strong, dynamic Group Management structure. Bates IT supplies information technology solutions and network support, crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. Collaborating with Bates Connect, engages a range of services within data infrastructure and communications systems, ensuring flexibility throughout. Bates FMC provides expertise for business moves and changes, Bates Facilities Maintenance & Construction also provides a wide range of building services, along with Bates IT & Bates Connect, efficient integrated results are achieved. Bates Health Care Innovations & Products offer clients pioneering medical technology, delivering the products needed to put patient well being first.

Information Technology

In today's environment, business intelligence is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. Whatever your requirement, we are confident that we can offer unbiased advice and the right solutions for your organisation - After all we've been practicing IT for decades!

Data Infrastructure & Communication Systems & Solutions
Bates Connect is a communication solutions provider. Implementing the latest technology in Communication and Data Infrastructure systems. Choose from a thorough infrastructure Service that includes Design, Consultancy, Support Services, Installation and Maintenance Services. We are skilled in the understanding, the utilisation and capability of these systems. See our full Infrastructure and Communication Services and click the link below.

Health Care Innovations
Bates Health deliver the solutions you need to put patients first; that’s because we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of NHS services’ users, such as acute trusts, primary care trusts, GPs and hospitals. Bates Health Care aims to improve healthcare through the development of innovative products and services, working with our clients to bring forward new ideas and the support to help put them into practice

Facilities Management and Construction
Bates FMC work with clients that require a one-stop design build and maintenance service. We supply professional teams that deliver a wide range of building services in all sectors that include building developments, refurbishments, facilities management and contract projects.

What’s new at Bates Group.

Jusha Medical Screens and Displays
medical screens for medical imaging in surgery & operating rooms

Aerobiotix Air Disinfection System
Innovative health care air disinfection system

Surface Disinfection System
Helios is an automated Triple-Emitter UV-C, disinfection system.

Invisa-Beam Infrared Patient Movement Detector
Invisa-Beam uses infrared technology to detect patient’s movement.